ECC, a spin-off of EEX AG, is a central clearing house (CCP), specialising in energy and commodity products. As CCP it assumes the counterparty risk and guarantees the physical and financial settlement of transactions, providing security and cross-margining benefits for its customers. Since its establishment in 2006, ECC has been expanding its product portfolio, customer base and exchange partnership network. Today, ECC provides clearing services for trading venues within the EEX Group (EEX, EEX Asia, EPEX SPOT), as well as for further partner exchanges, including BSP, HUPX, HUDEX, NOREXECO, SEEPEX and SEMOpx. Learn more about ECC’s history:

    ECC has constantly expanded its range of products, its membership base and its exchange partnership network as outlined in the following timeline.


    April – EEX announces the spin-off of a subsidiary for clearing services

    July – The Dutch derivatives exchange ENDEX European Energy Derivatives Exchange N.V. and EEX sign a co-operation agreement

    August – ECC obtains a banking license from the Federal Financial Supervision Authority (BaFin)

    August – ECC is entered in the Commercial Register


    November – ECC launches co-operation with Powernext SA


    April – In the framework of the EEX-Powernext co-operation, ECC provides clearing and settlement for all products traded on EPEX SPOT and EEX Power Derivatives

    October – ECC subsidiary in Luxembourg starts operations (ECC Luxembourg S.a.r.l.)

    December – ECC launches clearing and settlement for contracts traded on the CEGH Gas Exchange of Vienna Stock Exchange 


    July – Hungarian exchange HUPX Ltd. becomes new partner of ECC

    November – Launch CWE Market Coupling


    July – Start of clearing HUPX Future Market


    September – Start of clearing services for POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE, a.s.


    February – Extension of CWE Market Coupling to North Western Europe (NWE) 

    June – ECC has been granted an EMIR license to act as CCP in the European Union

    September – Start of clearing services for Gaspoint Nordic


    January – Start of clearing services for EEX Futures in Fertilisers

    January – Extension of the Trading Limits Service supporting the new Financial Trading Limits for Power Auctions on EPEX Spot

    May – Extension of the Trading Limits Service supporting the PEGAS Trading Limits Application, the new trading limit facility for spot trading on PEGAS

    May – Start of clearing services for EEX Agricultural Index Futures

    September – Start of clearing services for NOREXECO ASA 


    February – Start of clearing services for SEEPEX AD

    March – Start of clearing services for HUPX Intraday Market

    July – Start of clearing services for EEX and PEGAS Non-MTF Market

    September – ECC is offering the Direct Clearing Participant Model (DCPM) for specific spot markets

    October – Start of clearing services for EEX Financial Wind Power Futures

    December – Start of clearing services for EPEX French Capacity Market


    January – Start of clearing services for HUDEX Ltd.

    March – ECC is granted the status of a Recognized Clearing House (RCH) in Singapore

    April – Clearing launch for EEX Asia (former Cleartrade Exchange Pte Ltd., CLTX)

    August – Start of clearing services for EEX European Liquid Milk Futures

    October – Market Launch of SEMOpx


    January – Merger of EPEX SPOT SE and EPEX SPOT Belgium

    June – Start of clearing services for PWX Spanish Natural Gas

    September – Introduction of clearing services for the French GO auction



    May – EPEX SPOT and ECC launch Intraday markets in the Nordic region

    June – Launch of Nordic Day-ahead markets together with EPEX SPOT



    February – EPEX SPOT and ECC extend offering in Central Europe by launching Polish Day-Ahead products

    October – Start of clearing for the nEHS emissions sales platform in Germany


    February – Successful launch of Polish Intraday market

    September – ECC launches clearing for first Pan-European GO spot auction, offered by EPEX SPOT


    June – Introduction of Power Futures for the Croatian market

    July – Start of clearing services for SEEPEX Intraday Continuous Market

    2024 April – Start of clearing services for Slovenian Day-Ahead and Intraday Continuous products traded at BSP Energy Exchange

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    Network of Partners

    ECC offers access to an international network of partner exchanges, clearing members and transmission system operators.