ECC has established integrated processes and highly efficient operations for clearing and settlement of energy and commodity products. Its range of clearing and settlement services comprises physical settlement, financial settlement and invoicing for transactions in:

    • Power,
    • Natural Gas,
    • Environmentals (Emission Rights, Guarantees of Origin, French Capacity)
    • Coal,
    • Oil,
    • Freight,
    • Agriculturals,
    • Metals and
    • Fibre.

    Physical Settlement


    Financial Settlement




    ECC offers detailed reports that are available 24/7 via the ECC Member Area.

    Members connected to ECC benefit from an international network of partners while using standardised procedures and straight-through processes. This setup is suitable for enhancing of existing partnerships and potential future relationships. Payment, margining and delivery netting are major benefits of ECC’s connective structure.

    ECC has a strong footprint settlement of physically delivered energy contracts and therefore works together with a broad network of transmission system operators (TSOs), Market Area Managers and Registries. ECC develops solutions for the energy markets’ physical needs. The close relationship with the physical market confirms that ECC as a clearing house has a unique market role, which enables us to offer aingle-sided or priority nomination for most of the delivery hubs.

    Furthermore, ECC is involved in CWE and NWE Market Coupling.

    ECC offers separate accounts for primary- and secondary-market EUAs safeguarding a clear proof of origin. In addition, ECC is in close contact with national and European authorities in order to safeguard secure and trouble-free emissions trading.

    Clearing and settlement at ECC

    As the central counterparty ECC takes over clearing and settlement for the exchanges of EEX group as well as a number of further partner exchanges. Learn more:



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    Clearing at ECC – Want to know how clearing works?

    European Commodity Clearing is the leading clearing house for energy and commodity products in Europe and beyond – but what actually is clearing?

    What happens, if the buyer or seller drops out of the transaction? Our short video explains clearing in a nutshell and gives a general overview of ECCs services.



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    Dr. Götz Dittrich
    Chief Operating Officer

    +49 341 2156-0 goetz.dittrich@ecc.de

    Member Area

    Reports are available for downloading in the ECC Member Area