About ECC

    European Commodity Clearing (ECC) is a central clearing house which specialises in energy and commodity products. ECC assumes the counterparty risk and guarantees the physical and financial settlement of transactions, providing security and cross-margining benefits for its customers. As part of EEX Group, ECC provides clearing services for EEX, EEX Asia and EPEX SPOT and for the partner exchanges HUPX, HUDEX, NOREXECO, SEEPEX and SEMOpx.

    As the leading clearing house for commodity products in Europe, ECC assures the safety and integrity of commodity markets while providing innovation in risk management, clearing technology and client asset protection. By managing the counterparty risk, clearing by ECC reduces the systemic risk in these markets compared to OTC (over the counter) uncleared markets.

    ECC continuously supports the development of markets and builds customer networks. With emphasis on comprehensive customer service, ECC expands its presence globally with the aim to develop detailed knowledge and deep expertise in local commodity markets.

    As an integral part of EEX Group, ECC’s strategy focuses on supporting the strategic pathway of EEX Group to build secure, successful, and sustainable commodity markets worldwide – together with our customers.

    The strategic approach of ECC is to offer customers a one-stop service so that they can benefit from standardized processes, a uniform set of contracts, cross-commodity margining, and netted financial settlement as well as a wide network of different types of participants.

    ECC is part of EEX Group.

    Clearing Operations Hotline

    +49 341 24680-444 clearing@ecc.de

    Eileen Hieke

    Senior Public Relations Officer

    +49 341 2156-300 eileen.hieke@eex.com