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    As a clearing house for multiple energy and other commodity trading venues, ECC offers several access options for trading participants and intermediaries to its network of Partner Exchanges and products. Roles and access requirements for becoming a member of the clearing house vary across different markets. Therefore, in the following, a general overview of clearing access models is provided.


    Access for Financial Institutions:
    Institution Clearing Membership

    An Institution Clearing Member, also known as Clearing Bank, plays a crucial role in the clearing process. An Institution Clearing Member is a direct member of the clearing house. A Clearing Bank acts as a guarantor and payment agent for all trades concluded at spot markets and steps between the transactions of ECC and Non-Clearing Members to be contractual counterparty for both on derivatives markets. Responsibilities include fulfilling obligations related to their own transactions or those of clients traded at Partner Exchanges and cleared at ECC.

    For more detailed information on access requirements and the admission process for a membership as Institution Clearing Member please refer to the ECC website’s section on Clearing Membership.

    Whether you’re applying for a new membership or adding additional markets, the Clearing Sales team is prepared to assist you every step of the way.


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    Access for companies  

    Companies not eligible for ECC Institution Clearing Membership have alternative access options:

    Access Option Applicable Markets
      Derivatives Markets  Spot Market
    Non-Clearing Member (NCM)
    Indirect Access 

    Direct Clearing Participant (DCP)
    (for DCP eligible spot markets)


    Access as Non-Clearing-Member (NCM)

    Companies seeking membership on one or more ECC Partner Exchanges can apply as Non-Clearing Members with ECC. To become a Non-Clearing Member, they need to find a Clearing Bank admitted as a General Clearing Member at ECC. This Clearing Bank provides the necessary clearing infrastructure.

    A Non-Clearing-Member

    • Is a Trading Participant of the exchange
    • Signs a trilateral agreement with a General Clearing Member and ECC
    • Can trade both spot and derivatives transactions (depending on the offering of the General Clearing Member)


    You can find the list of ECC’s General Clearing Members here.

    Further information on the access requirements and admission process for a Non-Clearing membership can be found here.


    Indirect access via Access Providers

    It is also possible to participate in exchange trading without becoming an exchange member. A number of exchange members, mainly but not exclusively banks, provide access to exchange products for non-members (“Access Provider”). 

    For EEX, please find a list of market access providers on the EEX website.

    For EPEX SPOT, more information on market access providers is available on the EPEX SPOT website.


    Access as Direct Clearing Participant (DCP)

    ECC offers a direct access option for certain spot markets (e.g., day-ahead and intraday power markets) as a Direct Clearing Participant. You can find the list of DCP eligible markets here.

    A Direct Clearing Participant

    • Is a trading participant with direct access to trading and clearing of specific spot markets
    • Does not require a Clearing Bank
    • Has an agreement with a suitable Settlement Bank fulfilling the DCP model requirements

    Please find more detailed information on the DCP model here.


    Guidance on the choice of access

    The dedicated Sales teams of ECC’s Partner Exchanges will support you in finding a suitable access option. They also provide guidance throughout the admission process.

    EEX Asia membership@eexasia.com
    EEX sales@eex.com
    EPEX sales@epexspot.com
    HUPX/ HUDEX membership@hupx.hu
    NOREXECO desk@norexeco.com
    PXE info@pxe.cz
    SEEPEX membership@seepex-spot.rs
    SEMOPX registration@semopx.com

    To aid your decision-making process between the Non-Clearing Member (NCM) and Direct Clearing Participant (DCP) access models, consider referring to the following slide deck. It provides valuable insights to help you make an informed choice:


    NCM - DCP Decision Guide


    Clearing and settlement at ECC

    As the central counterparty ECC takes over clearing and settlement for the exchanges of EEX group as well as a number of further partner exchanges. Learn more in the video.


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    Anja Drosdziok

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    Network of Partners

    ECC offers access to an international network of partner exchanges, clearing members and transmission system operators.


    Susann Just-Marx

    Head of Sales Clearing, Training & Education


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