Clearing Member that has a Direct Clearing Participant (DCP) Clearing License and which is exclusively entitled to clear own Spot Market transactions.


    Name Country
    ACT Commodities B.V. The Netherlands
    Alipes Energy ApS  Denmark
    Alpha Energy ApS Denmark
    ANE GmbH & Co. KG Germany
    Arenko Cleantech Limited Great Britain
    Aughinish Alumina Limited Ireland
    AMPC Capital Limited Great Britain
    Balance of Power Trading Limited Great Britain
    Ballincurry Energy Supply Ltd. Ireland
    BASF SE Germany
    Buitengaats C.V. The Netherlands
    Conrad Energy (Trading) Limited Great Britain
    Constellation Generation Limited Great Britain
    Convex Energy GmbH Germany
    Ecopower Supply Limited Ireland
    E.D.Mij B.V. The Netherlands
    Electric Blue GmbH Germany
    Enercoop SCIC France
    Energy & More Energiebroker GmbH und Co. KG Germany
    Equinicity Limited Great Britain
    Flexitricity Limited   Great Britain
    4D-Energy GmbH Germany
    Fluid Power Ltd.  Great Britain
    Frequenz Energy-as-a-Service GmbH Germany
    FTM Commodity Services B.V. The Netherlands
    Future Energy Trading GmbH Germany
    Galantix B.V. The Netherlands
    GO2-markets GmbH Germany
    GreenYellow Vente D´Energie S.A.S.U. France
    GridBeyond Limited Great Britain
    Greenchoice B.V. The Netherlands
    Habitat Energy Limited Great Britain
    Helios Power Trading A/S Denmark
    Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH Germany
    Hydronext SAS France
    ILEK SAS France
    Inductive Energy A/S Denmark
    Joint Allocation Office S.A. Luxembourg
    Jura Smart Grid GmbH & Co. KG Germany
    Limejump Energy Limited Great Britain
    Marble Power Limited Great Britain
    MINT SA France
    Power Management IT Ltd Great Britain
    Oberhessische Versorgungsbetriebe AG Germany 
    Optimax Energy GmbH Germany
    Opti-Ment BV Belgium
    Origo S.A.S.U. France GmbH GmbH Germany
    Plum Energie SAS France
    Ponte Energy Partners GmbH Germany
    Power Trading Management A/S Denmark
    Progress Energy Services BVBA Belgium
    Quark Energy Trading Limited Great Britain
    RABOT Energy GmbH Germany
    Restore France SAS France
    SB Trading Company (SBTC) Ltd Great Britain
    SEtrade GmbH Germany
    Slievereagh Power (CS) Limited Ireland
    Smart@Energy BV Belgium
    Smart Grid Energy SASU France
    SMS Energy Services Limited  Great Britain
    Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH Germany
    Twig Energy ApS Denmark
    UK Power Reserve Limited Great Britain
    VIRTUAL - POWER B.V.  Belgium
    WattValue SARL France