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    ECC Clearing Circular 27/2020 | Changes in December Expiry Dates for Freight and Iron Ore Futures

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    ECC Clearing Circular 26/2020 | NOREXECO Recycled Paper and Pulp Future

    From 7 September 2020 onwards European Commodity Clearing (ECC) will provide

    clearing services for new NOREXECO (NXE) Recycled Paper and Shanghai…

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    ECC Clearing Circular 25/2020 | Release announcement C7 7.0

    ECC will enhance the Clearing System C7 with the introduction of release 7.0 on 23 November 2020.

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    ECC Clearing Circular 24/2020 | Introduction of earlier expiry and exercise for Options on EEX EUA Futures

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    Clearing Circular 23/2020 | ECC Website Maintenance Window

    Due to necessary maintenance work, ECC’s website will not be available on 18th June 2020 from 20:00 to 24:00 CET.  

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    Clearing Circular 22/2020 | Clearing fees for EEX Japanese Power Futures waived until 31st October 2020

    On 18 May 2020, European Commodity Clearing (ECC) launched clearing services for EEX Japanese Power Futures for the market areas Tokyo and Kansai,…

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    Clearing Circular 21/2020 | ECC Default Management Simulation

    The European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA) has requested that all European Central Counterparties conduct a default simulation under conditions…

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    Clearing Circular 20/2020 | Change of Filed Location for ECC Risk Files

    From 09 June 2020 onwards, the filed location for ECC Risk Files will change

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    Clearing Circular 19/2020 | Launch of Day-Ahead auction products in the Nordic markets

    ECC confirms the launch of clearing services for EPEX SPOT on the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish power markets. For Day-Ahead auction…

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    Clearing Circular 18/2020 | Market expansion IDM to the Nordic markets update

    The launch of clearing services for EPEX SPOT on the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish power markets for Intraday continuous products, initially…

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