Training Courses

    In cooperation with European Energy Exchange (EEX), ECC offers a training course which provides an overview on clearing and settlement processes as well as risk management on ECC. This course offers valuable insights into ECC’s operations and the energy market-related processes.


    Description: Detailed training course regarding the settlement of transactions on ECC
    Target group: Persons from the fields of settlement, financial controlling, risk management
    Availability: Public training courses are offered at carefully chosen hotels.
    In-house trainings are held at venues selected by you.
    Duration: 1 day

    Topics of the Training


    • History of the ECC
    • Corporate structure
    • Central counter party / structure of settlement relationships
    • ECC Luxemburg
    • Contractual structures
    • Product portfolio and services

    Process Overview

    • Division of market segments
    • Overview of the daily processes
    • Financial settlement and holiday calendar
    • TSO and deliveries
    • IT-systems

    The Spot Market Clearing Process via the Clearing System „SMSS”

    • Products
    • Process flows
    • Accounts
    • The spot market clearing system "SMSS"
    • Positive and negative prices

    The Derivative Clearing Process via the EUREX Clearing System

    • Products, cascading, financial settlement
    • Process flows
    • EUREX System, Trade and Position, Trade Adjustments, Give up and Take up, Exercising an Option,
    • System Process Times

    The Risk Margin Calculation

    • Types of margins, spot market margin, derivative market margin
    • Calculations, margin classes, margin groups, cross-currency-margins


    • Tax treatment of clearing services
    • Invoicing

    Dates and Registration

    To book an in-house training please get in contact with Training & Education +49 341 2156 248


    training per person € 600,00  (plus VAT)
    In-house training fees    
    For the organisation of in-house trainings we charge the following additional expense allowance:
    Leipzig flat € 950,00 (+ VAT)
    Germany flat € 1,400.00 (+ VAT)
    Europe flat € 2,300.00 (+ VAT)
    Worldwide flat individually

    Clearing and settlement at ECC

    As the central counterparty ECC takes over clearing and settlement for the exchanges of EEX group as well as a number of further partner exchanges. Learn more in the video.



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    Clearing at ECC – Want to know how clearing works?

    European Commodity Clearing is the leading clearing house for energy and commodity products in Europe and beyond – but what actually is clearing?

    What happens, if the buyer or seller drops out of the transaction? Our short video explains clearing in a nutshell and gives a general overview of ECCs services.




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    Training & Education


    +49 341 2156 248