Bank Guarantees as Collaterals

    Bank Guarantee for Non-Clearing Member (NCM)

    To cover Spot Market Initial Margin Requirements ECC accepts Bank Guarantees that fulfill certain criteria. Bank Guarantees cannot be used to cover any other margin requirements.

    The value of the Bank Guarantee will be recorded as margin credit reducing the Spot Market Initial Margin Requirement. The Bank Guarantee can be called by ECC to cover all overdue payment obligations of a NCM for spot market transactions settled at ECC. Both the CM and ECC are beneficiaries of the guarantee. The CM remains liable for all financial obligations resulting from the spot market transactions of his NCMs.

    The use of guarantees will reduce the amount of cash or other collaterals and thus save liquidity cost.

    ECC will apply concentration limits for Guarantors on CM and ECC level. On CM level the total value of all guarantees per guarantor shall not exceed 20% of the required margin. An absolute limit for the total value of all guarantees per guarantor will be determined by ECC. The concentration limits are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.


    Bank Guarantee for DCP Clearing Member (DCP CM)

    To cover the limit DCP CMs can only provide trading participant collateral as defined in article 3.5.10 and 5.1.2 of ECC’s Clearing Conditions.


    For more information view Collateral Management-Bank Guarantees.