Audit & Compliance

    Henry Kosla | Senior Internal Auditor

    The function of an internal auditor at EEX and ECC has a wide range of tasks. We are the "third line of defence" in the company and one of our main tasks is the planning and execution of audits or audit fields within all areas of EEX and ECC. The internal audit team reviews all internal processes and procedures with regard to regularity, security, efficiency and their compliance with relevant regulatory and internal requirements. In addition, we also carry out project-accompanying audits and are involved as consultants in many projects within the EEX Group. This interdisciplinary approach across all business areas of the EEX Group is a challenge on the one hand, but on the other hand it makes this work so interesting and varied for me. We have a close teamwork and are well coordinated but also cooperate with audit colleagues in other locations of the EEX Group. I appreciate this international touch at my work and the variety of audit topics.

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