Physical Settlement Operations

    Francois Gonsior | Head of Physical Settlement Operations

    Physical Settlement Operations is the interface to the supply market. Our team maintains contact with all transmission system operators in the electricity market, market area managers in the gas market, registry operators in the certificate market and discusses opportunities and problems in very different areas of competence, such as technical formats or channels, contracts, but also disruptions. In day-to-day business, I like to compare us to the “fire department” - we have highly automated processes and mainly monitor the well-functioning normal operation, but there are also problems and that is our “fire”. We are the department that jumps in and extinguishes the fire. Like the fire department, we also have a service that never ends because energy is a 24/7 365 days-a-year operation, but, along with us, we have a great team that stands by each other at all times.

    I have been part of this team for nearly 10 years and if you are looking for an exciting job in a constantly changing economic field in a company that is sustainable and future-oriented and has an incredible team spirit across all departmental boundaries, I can highly recommend the ECC. If you are conscientious, are technically interested and, above all, have an enquiring and curious mind, then you are just the right team member to join us!

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