Nordic power spot markets successfully launched

    The extension of our offering to the Nordic market areas is in line with the framework of the Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management (CACM) which enables power exchanges to operate markets outside of their historical home markets. Thus, trading members active on EPEX SPOT are now able to trade in additional market areas via their EPEX SPOT membership, expanding their business opportunities through one single trading screen, with all transactions cleared and settled by ECC.

    ECC offers clearing services for the EPEX SPOT Day Ahead Auction and Intraday Continuous Products for four Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

    The following products are available for trading and clearing in the Nordic market areas:

    • Danish Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Energinet DK1
    • Danish Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Energinet DK2
    • Norwegian Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Statnett 1
    • Norwegian Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Statnett 2
    • Norwegian Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Statnett 3 
    • Norwegian Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Statnett 4
    • Norwegian Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Statnett 5
    • Swedish Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Svenska kraftnät 1
    • Swedish Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Svenska kraftnät 2
    • Swedish Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Svenska kraftnät 3
    • Swedish Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Svenska kraftnät 4
    • Finnish Power Day-Ahead/Intraday – Fingrid 
    “Clearing services offered by ECC are an integral part of this offering. We provide security for customers that want to become active in the Nordics by ensuring the physical and financial settlement of all transactions. The EPEX SPOT market participants benefit from the high clearing standards and solid risk management processes for trading in the four new countries.”