Topics of the Training


  • History of the ECC
  • Corporate structure
  • Central counter party / structure of settlement relationships
  • ECC Luxemburg
  • Contractual structures
  • Product portfolio and services

Process Overview

  • Division of market segments
  • Overview of the daily processes
  • Financial settlement and holiday calendar
  • TSO and deliveries
  • IT-systems

The Spot Market Clearing Process via the Clearing System „SMSS”

  • Products
  • Process flows
  • Accounts
  • The spot market clearing system "SMSS"
  • Positive and negative prices

The Derivative Clearing Process via the EUREX Clearing System

  • Products, cascading, financial settlement
  • Process flows
  • EUREX System, Trade and Position, Trade Adjustments, Give up and Take up, Exercising an Option,
  • System Process Times

The Risk Margin Calculation

  • Types of margins, spot market margin, derivative market margin
  • Calculations, margin classes, margin groups, cross-currency-margins


  • Tax treatment of clearing services
  • Invoicing