Partner Exchanges

Currently, ECC provides clearing services for the Partner Exchanges EEX Asia, European Energy Exchange (EEX), EPEX SPOT, Hungarian Derivative Energy Exchange (HUDEX), Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX), Norexeco, Powernext, POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE (PXE), SEEPEX and SEMOpx.

EEX Asia is a regulated futures exchange based in Singapore and is a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, EEX Asia is the home of its global commodities business and the group’s exchange in the region.

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the leading energy exchange in Europe which develops, operates and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for energy and related products. As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, EEX offers contracts on Power, Emission Allowances, Natural Gas and Coal as well as Freight and Agricultural Products. EEX is part of Deutsche Börse Group.

The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT SE and its affiliates operate physical short-term electricity markets in Central Western Europe and the United Kingdom. As part of EEX Group, a group of companies serving international commodity markets, EPEX SPOT is committed to the creation of a pan-European power market. In 2016, its 278 members traded 529 TWh – a third of the domestic consumption in the eight countries covered. 49% of its equity is held by HGRT, a holding of transmission system operators.

HUDEX Energy Exchange Ltd., member of HUPX Group, is the first financial energy exchange of Hungary. HUDEX offers Hungarian financial power products with optional physical delivery and gas physical futures products. The exchange supports the Group’s primary objective to provide power and gas reference prices for Hungary and for the Balkan region.

HUPX Zrt., located in Budapest, Hungary, was established by the Hungarian TSO and holds the license to operate the organised electricity market in Hungary. The role of HUPX is to deliver a reliable price reference in Hungary and to facilitate the integration of power markets within the CEE region. HUPX offers anonymous day-ahead and intraday trading on the Hungarian power market, thus providing high level standards both in terms of trading and clearing services for its members.

NOREXECO ASA, located in Oslo, Norway, will offer a fully regulated environment for trading derivatives in the wood, recycled fibre and pulp industries.

Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) is the Prague-based centre of competence for the Central and Eastern European power markets. As part of EEX Group, PXE is committed to further developing products and services for the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian market.

SEEPEX (Serbian Power Exchange) is a joint venture between Elektromreža Srbije (EMS), the Serbian transmission system operator, and EPEX SPOT. The Exchange is a major step in the creation of a regional power trading solution for South Eastern Europe (SEE) and fosters the development of a competitive, transparent and reliable electricity market for Serbia. It operates an organized electricity market, as the institutionally regulated relation between supply and demand of participants on the electricity market with predetermined standardized electricity products and delivery within a time frame day-ahead and intra-day with the aim to offer these electricity products for trading in Serbia and in the SEE region, where appropriate.

SEMOpx is a contractual joint venture between EirGrid PLC and SONI LTD, providing for Ireland and Northern Ireland physical short-term electricity markets on an all island basis. SEMOpx operates a dual currency market operated as a single bidding zone, coupled with Great Britain to facilitate cross border trading in the pan European Market.