ECC’s trading limit services allow Clearing Members to set trading limits at Partner Exchanges through ECC as a central intermediary.

    Trading Limits for ECC Derivatives Markets are either Pre-Trading or Pre-Clearing Limits. Therefore, Trading Limits for ECC Derivatives Markets rely partly on the available Pre-Trading Limit functionalities of ECC’s Partner Exchanges’ trading systems and partly on Pre-Clearing Limits, both as per the relevant rules and regulations governing ECC’s Partner Exchanges’ trading processes.

    The following table provides an overview of limit implementation on ECC-cleared Derivatives Markets.

    Market Segment Limit Type

    Derivatives Trade



    Derivatives and Non-MTF Trading and Trade Registration



    Power Derivatives Trading


    Pulp and Recovered Paper Derivatives Trading


    For further details regarding ECC’s Risk Limits Services, please refer to the ECC Risk Management Services Manual linked in the teaser below.

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    Risk Operations

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    ECC Trading Limit Services

    A comprehensive overview of ECC risk management capabilities is provided in the following manual: ECC Risk Management Services


    Clearing Conditions

    Detailed information on ECC clearing and settlement can be found in the “Clearing Conditions of European Commodity Clearing AG”.


    Guide Pre-Trade Limits

    Further information about the Pre-Trade Limits for Spot markets can be found here: