Member Readiness - ECC Admission

    Katharina Heinig | Senior ECC Membership Manager

    Since 2015 I am now working for the ECC in the department Member Readiness We are responsible for the admission, well-being and problem-solving of our clients and partner exchanges within Europe and all over the world. As part of the EEX Group and DBAG World we are in close contact with a lot of different stakeholders that are key to our processes in maintaining the best customer relation that we can support.

    One might say we are, next to the Trading department, the “other” heart of the company since without us the clients and stakeholders would not be able to act on the various platforms and would not be connected to the systems in a proper way. These components and the everlasting dynamical and developing working environment makes the ECC a very attractive employer and the Member Readiness department a good place to be!

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