Clearing Strategy

    Anna Baumgarten | Officer Clearing Strategy

    At the Clearing Strategy department our main objective is to look at ECC’s business model from a macro perspective. My colleagues and I analyze our market environment, including the regulatory setup in which we operate at the interface between the energy and financial industry. We monitor our competitors, and evaluate our own service offerings from a customer perspective. On this basis, we help the Executive Board to define ECC's strategic goals for the forthcoming years.
    What I particularly like about the conceptual work is that I learn something new every day and am in daily constant contact with numerous colleagues across the entire EEX Group.

    I could not imagine a better employer than ECC or the EEX Group. I have a high degree of freedom as to how I organize my work and where I work from, which makes it much easier to balance family and career. Although I have to admit, that on some home office days, I do miss the panoramic views over Leipzig from the EEX offices in the city skyscraper.

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