ECC Clearing Circular 41/2023 | Standardization of TEXT3 field

    Currently active, values submitted into TEXT3 field found in the T7 and C7 platform and respective reports had been standardized. This field is populated by our STP vendors to help identify which Broker a trade originated from.
    TEXT3 field achieves this by using a broker Prefix “short code” followed by trade information/ID.

    This circular, is to provide an update to the TEXT3 codes.

    This includes new brokers who have joined since the last circular (dated 07/09/2020)


    The Broker Code prefix contains a minimum length of 3 characters, placed at the beginning of the value.

    [Broker code] [Trade ID/other information – alphanumeric]

    To identify the broker, please pay attention to the first 3 characters of the Broker Code, these are represented as a unique combination.

    Our EEX broker list can be found at: 

    Summary of currently used prefix codes and which brokers they belong to are shown in the table below.

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