ECC Clearing Circular 30/2024 | Delisting of all EEX ZTP L Spot Contracts with gas delivery as of 1 September 2024


    Following the regulatory approval by the Belgian gas regulator, CREG, to decommission ZTP-L gas contracts as from 1 September 2024, EEX will delist all ZTP L Contracts with gas delivery as of 1 September 2024. 

    Delisting schedule

    The delisting is planned according to the following timeline:

    DateTime (CEST)Contract
    Saturday, 24 August 202402:59:59EEX ZTP L Weekend
    Sunday, 25 August 202402:59:59EEX ZTP L Sunday
    Friday, 30 August 202402:59:59EEX ZTP L Day-Ahead
    Saturday, 31 August 202402:59:59EEX ZTP L Saturday
    Sunday, 1 September 202401:59:59EEX ZTP L Within-Day

    Until then, ZTP L Spot Contracts with delivery until 31 August 2024 (gas day) are still tradable at EEX. Furthermore, all EEX ZTP Spot Contracts remain unchanged. ECC will remove all corresponding ZTP L product groups from the setup.


    Following the delisting of ZTP L contracts, EEX and ECC will revoke the admission of trading participants concerned, with effect on 1 September 2024.


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