Dear customers and partners of ECC,

    On 25 August 2006, ECC’s journey began. Two years after ECC’s “birth” and the launch of clearing services for the EEX markets, ECC has constantly enhanced its network of partner exchanges and the portfolio of cleared products and markets. From the very beginning, ECC was designed to provide clearing services to “third” partner exchanges, which paved the way for international partnerships and its successful growth story in Europe and beyond. An important milestone in ECC's history was the granting of its status as a Recognised Clearing House by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in 2018. 

    In its function as the central counterparty, ECC’s core competence is risk management, meaning that it ensures stable, secure and cost-efficient clearing services, providing a “safe harbour” for its trading participants. Today, ECC is the dedicated clearing house for 9 partner exchanges worldwide and connects more than 600 members around the globe, in the major energy and commodity markets. ECC has continuously expanded its services and refined its offerings but has never lost sight of its customers and its focus – the settlement of commodities.

    This successful journey wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment, effort and support of our customers and partners and not forgetting, of course, all the ECC colleagues who have contributed to its success over the years. We can really be proud of what we have achieved together.

    Looking forward to the next 15 years!

    Peter Reitz, CEO of ECC

    Congratulations, ECC!

    In celebration of ECC’s 15th birthday, some of our customers, partner exchanges and board members were kind enough to send us congratulatory messages.


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    ECC – Providing Certainty for its Customers

    “Dear ECC, I’m very happy to send you my best wishes on your 15th anniversary. Exchange trading isn’t possible without clearing. In its function as the central counterparty, ECC is undoubtedly an important pillar for the commodity markets operated by EEX Group and further partner exchanges. In short, ECC has always been a safe harbour for its customers. Since it began in 2006, ECC has continuously expanded its risk management and settlement services, while expanding its partner network and geographical scope. We at Deutsche Börse appreciate ECC’s contribution and the role that you play, by providing security in a highly dynamic environment with increasing regulatory requirements. I am convinced that you will continue to shape the future of EEX Group”.


    Heike Eckert, Chairwoman of the ECC Supervisory Board


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