Reports regarding financial settlement are available via the ECC Member Section. Access as well as subscription to the reports is free of charge.

Report Types

The following types of reports are generated:

Trade Report (e.g. ABCEX_TRD_DAILY_YYYY_MM_DD):

  • Generated on a daily basis (from Monday to Sunday) for the current day
  • Contains all spot market trades concluded after 4:00 p.m. on the previous day until 4:00 p.m. on the report date

Payment Report (e.g. ABCEX_PRS_1600_YYYY_MM_DD)

  • for EUR: generated on every TARGET2 day for the next TARGET2 day
  • for GBP and USD: generated on every currency specific business day for the next currency specific business day
  • Contains the net credit or debit payment amount
  • Detailed payment report includes itemised settlement amounts per trade

Moreover, Clearing Members can subscribe to “view client” (VC) reports. These reports contain their trading participants' data.

Example Reports


When subscribing to the ECC Member Area you will be able to select the following options for the reports generated:

  • - Type: Trade Report or Payment Report
  • - Scope: Summary or detail
  • - Format: PDF or XML
  • - Frequency: Daily or monthly
  • - Channel: E-Mail or FTP