Product Specification Files

Clearing Specification

The Clearing Specification is used for information purposes and supplements as a product description the contract specification by the respective market.

Depending on the product the price data are published by each Partner Exchange.

ECC Product Information

This additional product information provides details as MIC, Exchange, Market-Venues, ISIN, and Product-Description for all products cleared by ECC. The focus is to offer a product overview for technical use cases as complement to the ECC Clearing Specification.

ECC Clearing Specification Data

Purpose of this file is to give an easily readable and filterable overview of the main product features as complement to the ECC Clearing Specification.

Contract Details

The Contract Details file gives detailed information for all contracts with regard to trading start, delivery period and  expiry. The Contract Detail File Specification describes the content of the fields in the Contract Detail file.

BOM Cascading Files

The BOM Cascading File contains data with regard to the cascading and delivery of Balance-of-Month (BoM) contracts of the respective exchange.