Approved Markets

Admission as Trading Participant at a spot market which is approved by ECC to be DCP ready is one of the prerequisites to become DCP Clearing Member.

The following markets have been approved by ECC and will continuously be enhanced by ECC.

ExchangeProduct Name
EPEX Belgium

Belgian Power Spot (IT/ST)
Belgian Power Strategic Reserve Elia


German Power Spot (IT/ST)
Austrian Power Spot (IT/ST)
French Power Spot (IT/ST)
French Capacity Guarantees
Swiss Power Spot (IT/ST)
Dutch Power Spot (IT/ST)
UK Power Spot (IT/ST)


Guarantees of Origin Auction (ST) - as of 18 September 2019
SEMOpxIrish Power Spot (IT|IT1|IT2|IT3|ST)
Northern Irish Power Spot (IT|IT1|IT2|IT3|ST)