Admission Process

The admission by ECC is divided in two parts:

  • Admission as DCP Clearing Member:
    At the beginning of each membership stands the admission as DCP CM. Therefore, a DCP-form needs to be handed in.
  • Admission for Clearing of different products:
    The second part of admission is the application for clearing of different spot products traded on ECC’s Partner Exchanges. Therefore, TP-forms have to be sent in.
  • To receive access to ECC’s clearing and settlement systems the DCP CM has to provide the respective technical form.
  • For the limit distribution process the respective operational form is required. More details on the process and accepted collaterals can be found here.

After receiving the originals of all required documents, ECC will commence the admission process. The documents will be examined for completeness as well as correctness. For your convenience you may also send us a scan in advance in order to avoid mistakes and guarantee a swift admission process.

As soon as all confirmations are available, admission will be issued and information sent to the Partner Exchange.

Admission Process - Overview

Extension of an DCP Membership - New Products

To extend the existing DCP Clearing  license to another product the respective Trading Participant Form has to be submitted to ECC. A DCP CM can only trade on spot markets which fulfill ECC’s requirements to the DCP model.