CM Forms

In order to be granted a Clearing Member license the following forms and documents are necessary. 

If you wish to trade at one of ECC's Partner Exchanges, please fill in the relevant Trading-Participant forms (TP-forms).

Starter Kit

CM Starter Kit 
The CM Starter Kit provides you with all basic admission forms necessary for CMs
Included are the following documents:
  • CM Questionnaire
  • CM01, CM02, CM04, T01, T06, T10 forms
  • Checklist including an overview of all forms and documents necessary for admission
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Clearing Member Forms (CM Forms)

Document titleDescriptionDownload
CM Questionnaire (2018-07-09) Submitting the completed and legally binding signed version of this questionnaire is prerequisite to maintain the ECC Clearing Member license. download zip (100 kB)  
CM01 Application for Granting of a Clearing License
With this form the company is applying to be admitted as a Clearing Member at ECCdownload zip
(544 kB)
CM02 Clearing Agreement 

This form represents the contractual basis between ECC and Clearing Member required in duplicate

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(80 kB)  
CM02a Appendix to the application for granting of a Clearing License for Indirect Clearing
The complete submission of these forms is required for requesting the setup of an account structure for Indirect Clearing under MiFID zip (160 kb)
CM02c Omnibus Agreement Regarding the Omnibus Account
This agreement is an Omnibus Agreement within the meaning of the definition of “Omnibus Agreement” in Section 1 of the ECC Clearing zip
(85 kB)
CM02d Setup of House Pool
With this form your company can request the segregation of its house business by assets from its client zip (42 kB)
CM02e Setup of Simple Omnibus Pool
With this form your company can request the simple omnibus zip
(42 kB)
CM04 Setup / Modification / Deletion of Contacts and Functions (2020-05-20)

In this form, the following contacts are defined: Contacts Collateral Management, Margin Calls, Backload-/Legacy Trades, Position Management / Close Out, Cash Processing, Limit Management, Suspension of NCMs, General Contacts for business matters, Product Setup / Backoffice Systems, for NCM Admission, Client Risk Management and Fee cancellation of Counter Trades.

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CM05 Bank Guarantee for missing liable equity 

General Clearing Members (GCM)  have to provide a bank guarantee of EUR 30  m

Direct Clearing Members (DCM) have to provide a bank guarantee of EUR 7.5 m

Missing liable equity could be compensated through a bank guarantee

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(47 kB)  
CM07 Power of attorney ECC transaction settlement (foreign currency) 

Foreign Currency Settlement

download zip
(30 kB)  
CM08 Activation of
Commercial Bank
Foreign Currency Settlement via Corresponding Banksdownload zip (67 kB)
CM08a Authorisation of the Commercial Bank Account Holder
Confirmation of the account holder at the corresponding banks in case the applicant uses a third party accountdownload zip (56 kB)
CM12 Authorisation of the TARGET2 account holder
Confirmation of the TARGET2 account holder in case the applicant uses a third party TARGET2 accountdownload zip
(41 kB) 
CM13 Authorisation of the Clearstream account holder
Confirmation of the Clearstream account holder in case the applicant uses a third party Clearstream accountdownload zip
(92 kB) 
CM14 Setup of foreign currency margining (2017-11-01)Application to setup a technical collateral pool for foreign currency marginingdownload zip
(32 kB)