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Spot Markets

ECC’s trading limit services allow Clearing Members to set trading limits at Partner Exchanges through ECC as a central intermediary.

Trading Limits for ECC Spot Markets are pre-trading limits, i.e. implemented by ECC’s Partner Exchanges in their respective trading systems. Therefore, the Trading Limits for ECC Spot Markets fully rely on the available functionalities of the trading systems respectively the relevant rules and regulations governing the trading processes.

New trading limits and changes to existing limits can only be submitted by authorized persons. To authorize persons the form T10 "Application for setup/modification/deletion of user-IDs and of user for ECC risk management services" is to be used.

The following table provides an overview of limit implementation on ECC-cleared Spot Markets.



Limit Type

Emissions Primary Market Auction Trading

Total Purchase Quantity Limit

Emissions Secondary Market Continuous Trading

Order Quantity Limit

Power Spot Continuous Trading – ELBAS System-

Power Spot Auction Trading for continental and UK market areas

Financial Limit (in EUR or GBP)

Power Spot Continuous Trading

Financial Limit

Power Spot Continuous Trading UK

Financial Limit

Spot Auction Trading Capacity Guarantees

Financial Limit

Technical Quantity Limit

Power Spot Hourly Auction Trading

Financial Limit

Power Spot Continuous TradingFinancial Limit

Natural Gas Spot Trading

Financial Limit

Power Auction Trading

Financial Limit

Power Spot Auction Trading

Financial Limit

For further details regarding ECC’s Risk Limits Services, please refer to ECC Risk Management Services.