TP Forms

Separate Trading Participant Forms (TP Forms), which are listed in the table below, have to be sent in for the settlement of specific products and if physical delivery is choosen. It will be a proof for the ability for physical delivery towards ECC. These forms have to be handed in by Non-Clearing Members as well as Clearing Members if they wish to start trading at one of ECC's Partner Exchanges.

Market / Form TitleForms / DescriptionDownload
TP07 VAT DetailsNecessary for VAT classification of the trading participant

important for correct invoicing according to VAT law
download zip
(90 kB) 
TP08 Registration as an End Consumer of Energy According to the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act (EEFFG)Necessary for trading participants who are final energy consumers within the meaning of Austrian Energy Efficiency Actdownload zip
(115 kB)

EEX - Application for Approval as a Trading Participant in Emission Rights Spot Contracts and Emission Rights Futures

EEX – OTF Power
(TP_EEX_01a, TP_EEX_01b)

EEX- Natural Gas 
(TP_EEX_05a, TP_EEX_05b, TP_EEX_05c)

EEX - Application for a approval as a trading participant

download zip (182 kB)

download zip (287 kB)

download zip
(236 kB)

download zip (64 kB)

EPEX SPOT - Power Contracts
(TP_EPEX_01a, TP_EPEX_01b, TP_EPEX Nordic_02a, TP_EPEX Nordic_02b, TP02, BSCP71)

download zip 
(500 kB)

Hungarian Power Futures (TP_HUDEX_01)download zip
(64 kB)
HUPX - Hungarian Power
(TP_HUPX_01a, TP_HUPX_01b)
download zip 
(184 kB) 
NOREXECO - Financial Futures
download zip (84 kB)

PXE – Financial Power   (TP_PXE_02)

download zip (210 kB)

EEX Asia - Application for approval as a Trading Participant in Financial Futures and Options (TP_CLTX_01)

download zip (82 kB)

SEEPEX – Serbian Power (TP_SEEPEX_01a, TP_SEEPEX_01b)

download zip (340 kB)

SEMOpx - Application for Approval as a trading participant in SEMOpx power contracts
download zip
(184 kB)