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Price List

The ECC price list contains a description of all clearing related fees that are connected with ECC membership.

For details on Transaction Fees and other accruing fees, please download the latest version of our Price List.

Current Price List

Price List – History

Excerpt from the Price List

Fees for Non-Clearing Members
Non-Clearing Members have to pay variable charges that depend on the quantity of transactions. These are the same for clearing of exchange trades and clearing of registered trades.

Annual Fee for Non-Clearing Members: € 1,000 p.a. (excl. VAT)

(All revenues with regards to Clearing Fees effectively collected from the respective Non-Clearing Member in the respective calendar year will be credited against the annual fee.)

Fees for Clearing Members
Clearing Members only have to pay fixed charges. These cover the use of the clearing and settlement systems independently of the quantity of transactions.

Annual Fee for Clearing Members: € 12,500 p.a. (excl. VAT)

Technical Fees

Eurex GUI over public internetVPN (1 Mbit/s)Leased Line (E1)
Annual connection fee7,500 € p.a.15,000 € p.a.30,000 € p.a.

Please note:

Only the figures provided in the current version of ECC's price list are legally binding.