Clearing Circular 51/2020 | BREXIT Power Spot

    Fee waiver and changes in the GB Spot Market due to Brexit

    The potential Brexit is leading to an exclusion of Great Britain (GB) from the European Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC) with the effective date of 30/12/2020.
    This would impact the clearing services provided by ECC as follows:

    • Local and cross border products will not be cleared as part of the MRC auction for the British delivery area in the power spot market
    • ECC will launch clearing services for a new day-ahead auction at EPEX SPOT which will feature 60-min contracts for GB (orderbook closure at 10:20 D-1) from 31/12/2020 ongoing

    Existing members do not have to take action to be admitted to the new GB Day-Ahead auction and ECC will waive the clearing fees until 31/01/2021 for this auction. The first delivery day for the new GB day ahead auction is 01/01/2021. ECC’s clearing services remain unchanged for all other power spot and natural gas products offered in Great Britain.