ECC: Jens Rick appointed as Chief Information Officer

    At its meeting on 10 October 2019, the Supervisory Board of European Commodity Clearing AG ECC) appointed Jens Rick to the Management Board of the clearing house.

    Jens Rick will assume the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) of ECC effective from 1 November with responsibility for the operation and development of ECC’s clearing systems and IT operations.
    The CIO mandate has not existed at ECC before and reflects the growing importance of the IT landscape and its operation and development within EEX Group. Jens Rick has been Chief Information Officer of European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) since 1 February 2019.

    Prior to his appointment to the EEX Management Board, Jens Rick worked for Deutsche Börse Group. As Director of Energy IT, he was responsible for the design, development and operation of the trading systems in the M7 product family, including sales and customer management. Previously, he led several software and consulting companies in the financial sector, with a focus on data management.

    European Commodity Clearing (ECC) is the leading clearing house for energy and commodity products in Europe. ECC assumes the counterparty risk and guarantees the physical and financial
    settlement of transactions, providing security and cross-margining benefits for its customers. As part of EEX Group, ECC provides clearing services for EEX, EEX Asia, EPEX SPOT, Powernext and
    Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) as well as the partner exchanges HUPX, HUDEX, NOREXECO, SEEPEX and SEMOpx.