ECC provides a complete overview of trades and positions, margin requirements, payments and deliveries for each product and member.

Furthermore, Clearing Members receive comprehensive information on risk and collateral. Some of the risk reports are even delivered every few minutes to help you to closely monitor the current risk situation.

Clearing processes take place on two back-ends: the SMSS back-end and the Eurex back-end. For this reason, there are differences in reporting between spot market transactions and derivatives transactions.

SMSS Reports

SMSS Reports are offered as Detail Reports or as Summary Reports. Detail Reports contain all individual transactions in accordance with the filter criteria of the report (e.g. all transactions of the respective trading day in a Spot Trade Report).

Spot Trade Reportcontains all Spot Market transactions (Day-Ahead and Intraday) per trading day
Payment Reportcontains all Spot Market transactions (Day-Ahead and Intraday) per settlement day
Delivery Reportcontains all Spot Market transactions as well as delivery instructions from expired future positions per delivery day
Invoice Reportcontains all Spot and Derivatives Market transactions as well as delivery instructions from expired futures and options positions which have fallen due per invoice
Collateral Reportcontains collateral transactions and balances of bank guarantees used by a NCM as collateral and collaterals of DCP CM
Margin Reportcontains Initial Margin Spot Market (IMSM)


Eurex Classic Reports

Eurex reports are available as text files and XML reports free of charge. XML reports can easily be customised to meet your needs.

Please see Eurex XML Report Reference Manual (PDF) in the member section (login required) of the Eurex website for more details.

RPTCB010  Position Detail
RPTCB020  Position Summary
RPTCB030  Position Transfer Overview
RPTCB095  Variation Margin Overall Summary
RPTCB130  Give-up Trades History
RPTCB140  Accepted Give-up Trades
RPTCB150  Take-up Trades History
RPTCB160  Accepted Give-up trades
RPTCC045  Additional Margin
RPTCC050  Daily Margin
RPTCD009  Daily Cash Transaction
RPTCD010  Daily Cash Account Statement (cash movements)
RPTCD031  Daily Securities Valuation (for your own collaterals)
RPTCD042  Daily Settlement Statement
RPTTC810  Daily Trade Confirmation


An overview on EUREX reports can be accessed in the document "EUREX Clearing Reports".

C7 Reports

Further Information and System Documentation on C7 (Functional Guide, GUI Guide, FIXML API Description, Report Manual, and much more) can be found here: > Clearing > Technology > Eurex Clearing's C7 > System Documentation.