Clearing Circular 36/2022 | Enhancement to C7 Advanced Risk Protection functionality

    As of 4 October 2022, ECC will enhance the effectiveness of the Advanced Risk Protection (ARP) Level 3 Limit in C7. Currently a breach of ARP Level 3 limit triggers a temporary member stop on all markets cleared by ECC. With the change described in this Clearing Circular, the impact is reduced to derivatives markets and the continuous spot market for emissions at EEX.

    In addition, ECC announces the introduction of intraday report “CI101 Advanced Risk Protection – Intraday Limit Utilization Report” that allows clearing members and nonclearing members to monitor the utilization of ARP limits intraday. The report will be introduced with Eurex Prisma Release 12.0 which is scheduled for 21 November 2022 to production.

    These changes complement the announced enhancements in ECC Clearing Circular 29/2022.

    Please find attached the complete Clearing Circular 36/2022.

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