Clearing Circular 42/2021 | Increase of Price Limit on EPEX SPOT ETS for GB Day-Ahead Auctions

    On 27 October 2021, EPEX SPOT will increase the price limit for the GB Day- Ahead Auctions (GB 60 min and GB 30 min) from £3000 to £6000.

    The related Cash Limit for auction trading EPEX_AUCTION_EUR and EPEX_AUCTION_GBP at EPEX SPOT represents an overall Financial Limit per Trading Participant, per auction trading day, from 16:00 CET to next auction trading day 16:00 CET, across all delivery areas and portfolios for continental and GB market areas.

    For orders which have been submitted without a limit price, the maximum price of the respective market area will be applied, unless the Clearing Member or Settlement Member has specified a Realistic Price Range. For the GB market area, this price limit will increase from £3000 to £6000.

    ECC recommends that Clearing Members and Settlement Members active on the GB Market verify their limit settings. For Clearing Members using limits without Realistic Price Ranges, the limit consumption will be double for orders without a limit price. Clearing Members using limits with Realistic Price Ranges, should analyze the residual risk beyond Realistic Price Ranges, which will be much higher.

    Should limits need amending, Clearing Members can alter the financial trading limits for EPEX SPOT Power Auction Trading in ECC’s Member Area.
    More details on limit functionality and the maintenance process can be found in ECCs Risk Management Services Manual.


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