Clearing Circular 23/2021 | Update C7 Release 7.1 - Postponement FIXML broker migration

    With this circular, ECC informs on the postponement of the C7 Release 7.1 item “FIXML broker migration”. The migration consists of C7 FIXML broker upgrade from current qpid C++ to Java. In order to have a reliable participant interface, it was decided to postpone the FIXML broker migration to Java to the C7 Release 8.0 introduction that will take place in November 2021. C7 Release 8.0 will be announced in a separate ECC Clearing Circular.

    Please note that the FIXML Java Broker will remain available in Simulation. The Simulation environment has been available since 10 May 2021. As announced in ECC Clearing Circular 4/2021, C7 Release 7.1 will be implemented to production on 5July 2021. Other than postponement of the FIXML broker migration to Java to November 2021, there are no further changes to the C7 Release 7.1 scope.