ECC and EPEX SPOT extend power spot offering to Poland

    New block orders, cross-margining clearing and access to European one-stop-shop will further foster development of Polish electricity market

    The EU Regulation on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management paved the way for EPEX SPOT to extend its services to Poland as Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO). The implementation of the Polish Multi-NEMO Arrangement (MNA) which was implemented on the same day (on 9th February 2021) allows more than one Power Exchange to operate Day-Ahead markets in Poland. 

    „Secure and reliable clearing solutions are the backbone to these multi-regional power spot operations, which makes ECC’s offering unique in the European landscape.“

    Dr. Götz Dittrich, COO ECC

    Benefits for customers trading Polish power at EPEX SPOT:

    Unique blocks fitting the Polish energy mix

    Members can use loop blocks to optimize storage facilities, curtailable blocks to provide additional flexibility to thermal units, linked blocks to sophisticate their optimization strategy, and large blocks of up to 800 MW to value large assets.

    All markets on one screen                                     

    The Polish Day-Ahead market integrates seamlessly with all other markets already available on EPEX SPOT Trading System (ETS), with liquidity from day 1 and best-in-class Application Programming Interface (API) solutions – Europe’s one-stop-shop for power spot markets.

    One clearing setup across markets and products

    Members can rely on fast and safe financial settlement by the clearing house ECC, with strong protection against counterparty risks and cross-margining savings across all markets and products.

    EPEX SPOT Member Area Login

    If you are already a member at EPEX SPOT, simply login to your Member Area on the EPEX website to access the member specific documents for the Poland Day-Ahead in the Downloads.


    Clearing fee holiday until 30 June 2021

    ECC offers an attractive clearing fee scheme to allow members to take full advantage of these newly launching markets until 30 June 2021.

    • Intraday continuous: 0 ct/MWh
    • Day-ahead: 0 ct/MWh
    • ECC price list 

    Trade Polish Power Futures

    EEX offers trading in Polish Power Futures as part of its broad portfolio for currently 20 European market areas

    learn more on the EEX Website

    Disclosing Inside Information under REMIT

    EEX is happy to support further Polish market participants in fulfilling their regulatory obligations under REMIT.

    Interested in joining the EEX Transparency Platform

    Read more on our offering for the Polish power market

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