Settlement Services

SettlementSettlement services include:

  • Payments for Variation Margin
  • Cash settlement
  • Option premiums and deliveries
  • Physical delivery/nomination

PaymentsFinancial settlement of transactions between ECC and its Clearing Members is based on central bank funds. The payment system of the European central banks contributes considerably to ECC’s highly reliable settlement procedures.

DeliveriesECC is a clearing house specialising in the settlement of deliveries. Its experience includes:

  • deliveries of power and natural gas within the transmission grid of currently 30 European transmission system operators from 17 countries,
  • managing deliveries of EU Emissions Allowances and Certified Emission Reductions at European registries.

SupportThe ECC Clearing & Settlement Team supports Partner Exchanges, Clearing Members and trading participants in their daily work. This contains any kind of question during the admission, settlement and clearing process.