Technical Access to EUREX

Technical connection to the EUREX system and hence ECC is generally provided via a Member Integration System Server (MISS), or a Member’s MISS group and via a TCP/IP proprietary network. Supported operating systems are Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows. Detailed information regarding hard- and software requirements are provided in the EUREX Sizing Guidelines (login required).

Please find technical forms for access to EUREX here.

Common Report Engine
The distribution of reports for Future Markets (EUREX reports) occurs via an FTP server, the Common Report Engine (CRE) regardless of a technical connection to EUREX system.  Participants can connect simultaneously to the CRE from different locations via Internet or Leased Lines (iAccess is not included) via secure SFTP connection. For authentication on the CRE infrastructure public/ private keys and the application form T06 is required. Further details can be found in the User Guide Common Report Engine.