Risk Committee

The Risk Committee of ECC has at least 5 voting members and if required independent experts in a non-voting capacity. The committee meets at least four times a year and advises the ECC management board with regard to questions of risk management.


The current members of the committee are:

MemberRepresentative of
Prof Harald Pfab
(Management Consultant)
Independent Member; Chairman
Heike Eckert
(Chief Operating Officer, Eurex Clearing AG)
Independent Member
Guillaume Pernice (Senior Risk Analyst, Société Générale)Clearing Member Representative
Vincent van Lith
(ABN AMRO Clearing)
Clearing Member Representative
Bertrand Meyer
(Deputy Global Head, BNP Paribas Commodity Futures)
Clearing Member Representative
Dr Josef Bogensperger
(Principal Risk Manager, VERBUND Trading GmbH)
Client Representative
Novera Khan
(Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Board, Uniper Global Commodities SE)
Client Representative


Further Information

ECC Risk Committee                    

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Clearing Working Group

In the ECC Clearing Working Group, which meets quarterly, ECC informs the participants about ECC’s ongoing and new projects/initiatives related to all markets cleared by ECC and ECC’s Risk Management. Additionally, ECC presents the developments of its Partner Exchanges (e.g. market volume, registered participants).
Participants of the ECC Clearing Working Group are: