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Due to a temporary suspension of the Union Registry for software upgrade on 22nd of January from 8:00 CET to 18:00 CET, ECC will not be able to perform registry transfers on that day. +++ 

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Facts & Figures

ECC Settlement Volumes

Settlement Volumes on the Spot Market   
Spot Market for PowerGWh354,838405,958459,993520,739
Spot Market for Natural GasGWh163,555313,010481,089687,405
Spot Market for Emission Rightst CO2758.5498.1613.0691.7
Settlement Volumes on the Derivatives Market   
Derivatives Market for Power incl. GoO'sGWh1,365,5861,595,8142,567,8183,942,293
Derivatives Market for Natural GasGWh309,417281,354590,8871,098,669
Derivatives Market for Emission Rightst CO291,835,764,6258.2


Key Figures

Net incomethousand €10.30513.17800
Net provision incomethousand €29.25834.86250.24271.586
Net interest incomethousand €156102-1.776-6.911
Income before income taxesthousand €15.21219.57832.23148.236
Total assetsthousand €789.865759.7511.145.3353.079.228
Total equitythousand €42.45753.03648.93573.935
Total regulatory capital*thousand €37.86239.85848.51760.912